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Roman Rouzine is a French-Ukrainian guitarist and composer, born in Dnipro, a city located in the Eastern part of Ukraine.

Roman’s virtuosity on the electric guitar and his melodic sense are noticed by the professionals of the music sphere, especially the guitar one. As a result, he worked for almost 5 years for the famous magazine Guitar Part where he did around 40 articles and appeared in many DVDs about guitar playing technique, virtuosity on the instrument and classical performances. In the meantime, Roman signed his first endorsement contracts with prestigious brands, which still assured him steady and long-term support and great recognition of his work. (Ibanez guitars, Skull Strings, Two Notes & Arobas Music).

Influenced by Patrick Rondat, Stephan Forté, David Garrett, Junkie XL and even Hans Zimmer, Roman develops his career in the neoclassical style, on the boundary between modern rock and orchestral music. A rich universe, sometimes dark, with a mastered technique serving the melody and the emotions. His playing is strongly marked by the quality of his vibrato, the expressiveness of his bends and his use of scales with singular colours.

He already has a wide discography: a solo EP released in 2008 entitled «The Tragic Circle», a first solo album released in 2014 entitled «Genesis of Delirium», a second solo album released in 2019 entitled «Humans», an album with the band Opus Doria released in 2016 entitled «The Compass Rose» and many other performances as a guest on other bands’ albums (Franck Graziano, Guitar Addiction 2, Last Avenue…).

Roman regularly publishes gear reviews (guitars, amps, effects, VSTs…) for the famous webzine Audiofanzine.
He is also specialized in the composition of music for films, series and video games and is trained at the University of Chichester (UK).

Roman Rouzine

“He’s a virtuoso[…]. His guitar playing is breathtaking. Of course this is instrumental music but still, his guitar is definitely lyrical, as if it is composed for a vocal line. Mastery and fluidity.”

“Avec “Humans”, Roman Rouzine s’affirme comme un guitariste à la personnalité musicale forte et empreinte d’un univers orchestral et cinématographique très personnel. Par son approche originale de la guitare instrumentale, l’album se dévoile progressivement au fil des écoutes et s’avère une tentative ambitieuse et réussie d’allier classicisme et modernité.
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